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How to Boost Internet Speed?

This month we will explore the best tips and tricks on how to boost your internet connection speed. Our simple step by step guide will give you tips for a sluggish internet connection that can be a major source of frustration. Whether you’re working from home, streaming your Favorite shows, or engaging in online gaming, a fast and reliable internet connection is crucial. Fortunately, there are several simple yet effective ways to boost your internet speed. Learn how to optimise your internet connection and enhance your online experience.

1. Optimise Router Placement:

The placement of your router plays a significant role in determining internet speed. Ensure your router is positioned in a central location, preferably elevated and away from obstructions. This helps minimise signal interference and ensures a more stable connection throughout your home.

2. Prioritise Wired Connections:

While Wi-Fi is convenient, a wired connection can provide a more stable and faster internet experience. Whenever possible, connect your devices using Ethernet cables to reduce signal degradation and latency.

3. Minimise Interference:

Keep your router away from other electronic devices, especially those that emit wireless signals. Devices like cordless phones and microwave ovens can interfere with Wi-Fi signals, impacting your internet speed. Create a dedicated space for your router to minimise interference.

4. Explore Wireless Boosters:

Consider investing in a wireless booster or extender to amplify your Wi-Fi signal. These devices can help eliminate dead zones in your home and ensure a consistent connection, especially in larger spaces.

5. Manage Wi-Fi Usage:

Turn off Wi-Fi on devices that are not in use. This reduces the overall demand on your network, freeing up bandwidth for devices that need a faster connection. Smartphones, tablets, and other devices can often consume unnecessary bandwidth when left connected.

6. Work-from-Home Optimisation:

If you’re working from home, prioritise your internet connection for work-related tasks. Close unnecessary applications, limit video streaming during work hours, and communicate with colleagues about non-essential activities that may impact overall bandwidth.

7. Utilise Powerline Adapters:

Extend your router’s range by using powerline adapters that utilise your home’s electrical wiring. This allows you to create a wired connection in areas of your home where Wi-Fi signal strength may be weaker.

8. Device Optimisation:

Give your computer a spring clean by regularly updating software, clearing temporary files, and ensuring your system is free from malware. A well-maintained device operates more efficiently, positively impacting your overall internet speed.

9. Restart Devices:

By restarting your modem and router and waiting 30 seconds, this will give the devices a hard reset. This will clear the modem out of any glitches and a new power cycle will clear your router’s memory and give it a fresh start on tasks when it reboots.

10. Replace your Equipment:

If you have older or out-of-date equipment, it may be time to update these if they are causing poor network performance. Updating your equipment will give you more control over your internet speed, features and security of your home network.

11. Upgrade to a Faster Internet Plan: 

Research and potentially upgrade your internet plan with a faster speed component. Depending on what tasks you are performing with your internet, it may be time to look at how to boost your internet speed.

By implementing these top tips, you can significantly enhance your internet speed and enjoy a smoother online experience. Whether you’re working, streaming, or gaming, a faster and more reliable internet connection is within reach with these simple optimisations. Boosting your internet speed is not only about the speed of your plan but also about optimising your home network for the best possible performance.

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