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What is a WiFi Extender?

We’ve all heard the buzzwords WiFi extender, but what does this piece of technology really do?  

Basically, if you’re looking to reduce internet dead zones within your home, a Wi-Fi extender will help you achieve this.  From mesh to WiFi 6 extenders and dual-band options, amplify your signal everywhere we’ve got you covered in this month’s blog.

So what exactly is a WiFi Extender and how does it work? WiFi extenders are also known as a range extender or WiFi boosters. Basically it’s a peripheral network device designed to work with a WiFi router. The WiFi extender acts to extend your WiFi signal from your wireless router.  In turn, improving WiFi coverage and your internet speed. 

WiFi extenders will boost your signal based on the strength of the WiFi network, so the location in which they are placed will have a big impact on your signal and the success of the WiFi extender. For example if they are placed in some distance of the WiFi network with one bar of WiFi coverage, the device will only extend the wireless network at the one-bar speeds. 

First off: Test Your Internet Connection

Before you go out and invest in a WiFi extender, it’s best to test your internet speed to ascertain whether your slow speed is a network issue or an internet package limitation or issue. Check your bill and see if you are actually achieving the speeds you are paying for with your internet package. To check your speed there are various websites available in Australia that will do the job: 

Netflix The team at Netflix have a vested interest in making sure their customers have lightning fast internet, so they have created their own speed test to help keep you online at all times with the fastest internet. with their results are based on completed tests not estimates. It has servers in Australia, Asia, North America and Eurpope. As it’s browser-based using HTML5 the tests work on mobile and desktops only.Speedof.Me was one of the first HTML5-based speed tests that was supported by the major browsers after Flash and Silverlight made an exit from the market. You can run multiple tests and view previous history and it provides an instant graph as the test runs.

Source: Speedof.Me

Ookla Speedtest looks at the time taken for data to transfer between your PC and their remote server by way of your ISP connection. It will determine your location and automatically pairs you with the closest Speedtest server.

What does a WiFi range extender do? 

A WiFi range extender is a great device for larger homes that struggle with consistent WiFi signals in all rooms and areas of the house. If you don’t have a say in where your WiFi modem is located, sometimes it can be difficult for the router to disperse signals to all areas.  A WiFi extender can bring WiFi to all those dead zones within your home, maximising speed potential. 

How do I know if I need a WiFi extender?

If you’re experiencing unresponsive, slow or sluggish internet connection with multiple drop outs, it may be time to invest in a WiFi extender. There are many factors that come into play as to why you are experiencing issues with your WiFi network, so make sure you investigate all of these things first:

  • Make sure your internet provider is not experiencing outages
  • Check your plan to see what sort of speed package you have 
  • Your modem is not surrounded by clutter
  • How many devices are using your WiFi network
  • Do a speed test check on your internet  

Once you have eliminated these things, you can investigate the need for a WiFi extender. 

What are some of the best WiFi extenders on the market in Australia?

NETGEARNighthawk® AX8 WiFi Mesh Extender, 6GbpsExperience less drop outs and dead zones within your home with the Netgear Nighthawk extender. By expanding the coverage of your existing router, you will be guaranteed to receive reliable WiFi for all of your devices wherever they are located within your home.
TP LinkAC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender The TP-Link AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender easily connects wirelessly to your router and will expand and strengthen the signal into hard to reach areas within your home. It also makes sure signal interference is kept to a minimum to ensure your WiFi coverage throughout your home or office is reliable.
DLINKD-Link EXO AC2000 Mesh WiFi Range ExtenderThis range extender from DLink will have you experiencing high speed connectivity from anywhere within your home. The device includes a handy LED strength indicator which allows you to know where the strongest and weakest WiFi signals are.

How much do WiFi extenders cost?

The value-for-money WiFi extenders can cost as little as $50 and the higher performance models can go up to around $500.

How do I set up my WiFi extender?

It would differ from model to model but basically you would plug the WiFi extender into power and then connect it via the password to your WiFi network.  The device should manually prompt you to follow steps to set up the WiFi extender.

Understanding what a WiFi extender is and how it works is essential for improving internet connectivity within your home. Whether you’re grappling with dead zones or seeking to maximise speed, WiFi extenders offer a good solution. By expanding coverage and boosting signals, these devices ensure reliable connectivity throughout your space. Before investing, it’s crucial to assess your internet connection and consider factors like placement and potential interference. With various options available on the market, enhancing your WiFi network has never been more accessible.

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