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Why is my internet so slow?

We’ve all experienced slow internet at some time. But what actually causes slow internet? Is it one thing or many issues at once? This month’s blog will discover the various factors that can contribute to sluggish internet speeds. From outdated hardware and congested networks to physical obstructions, several elements can affect your broadband connection. 

We will also explore how external factors such as your service provider and broadband plan limitations play a role. By understanding these potential issues, you can better troubleshoot and improve your internet performance. Stay tuned to learn more about what might be slowing down your connection and how you can address it effectively.

Connection Type

There are various internet connection types in Australia, depending on where you live.  At present there are seven types of NBN connection available: 

  • Fibre to the node – FTTN
  • Fibre to the curb – FTTC
  • Fibre to the building/basement – FTTB
  • Fibre to the premise – FTTP
  • Hybrid Fibre-coaxial – HFC
  • Fixed Wireless
  • Satellite

Too Many Devices

Depending on your internet broadband plan, using multiple devices in your home will impact your WiFi speed for each device. The more devices, the slower your internet will be. For example if you have a 25Mbps plan and there are 5 devices, they will be roughly using a speed of 5Mbps. 

Network Congestion

Network congestion typically occurs in the evening when more people in your area are at home and online. The issue also arises in large households where multiple people are using various devices on the same internet connection. 

Distance to Your Modem

If you’re using a Wi-Fi connection, the distance from your modem significantly affects your signal strength. The further you are from the modem, the weaker your signal becomes. Additionally, obstacles like walls can further weaken and disrupt Wi-Fi signals, leading to slower or less reliable connections.

Understanding the many factors that contribute to slow internet speeds can be both empowering. From the type of internet connection you have, such as the various broadband plan options in Australia, to the number of devices sharing your bandwidth, and the physical distance from your modem, each element plays a crucial role in your overall internet performance. Network congestion, especially during peak hours, and limitations set by your service provider further complicate the issue. By identifying and addressing these common causes, you can significantly enhance your internet speed and enjoy a smoother online experience. Stay informed when managing your internet setup to ensure the best possible connectivity.

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